Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Nightmare Masuk 10 Album terbaik 2010 Versi Ultimate Guitar

Stop thinking like that. Much like Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold are the darlings of many music listeners, and whilst it might be okay to dislike a band, it is most certainly unacceptable to demonize a band for whatever flippant reasons one might have.
With Nightmare, Avenged Sevenfold overcame the death of their drummer and main songwriter, James Owen Sullivan, to record and perform an album full of emotional quality and poise. It might be weak in some areas, but that is to be expected when a band loses one of its members. The same is true of Metallica’s rough diamond, ...And Justice for All, on which Jason Newsted’s bass guitar is so low in the mix it might as well have been eliminated from the recording process altogether.
Most haunting is the tenth track, The Fiction, which features the Rev’s eerie vocals; it isn’t the most polished of tracks, but it gives the listener an interesting insight into the late musician’s ambitious song writing credentials.
The band does surrender to some unpardonable moments of cheesiness (“It’s your f*ckin’ nightmare), but overall the album showcases a band that has the ability to produce moments of musical genius. Let’s not forget that Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance are a well-rehearsed guitar duo, and repeatedly record evidence to suggest as much. Avenged Sevenfold might not be the most universally popular band out there but, with Nightmare, they maybe have attracted a few more guilty pleasure fans than before!


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